Volunteer Stories

“Every visitor who crosses our threshold is doing so with some degree of heightened emotion. When we are sensitive to that, we can ease that stress a tiny bit. We can relate to being that family member parachuting into a difficult situation and feeling very ill-prepared. As part of our greeting, we like to walk first-time visitors down to the suite of their loved one. It is so important to create a comfortable experience. I view Hospice as our residents’ final new home. My hope is to welcome their loved ones on their behalf.”

– Susan Gray


“Just like her listeners, each time Lynn feels rewarded by her experiences. When asked to play at a Hospice celebration, she always insists on volunteering her services. “This is my gift to others. This is for Hospice and everyone who passes through their doors. I get just as much out of sharing my music with others as they get from me. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think ‘I have to go to Hospice. I feel I need to give the gift of music.’ And when I come home I bring with me the positive energy and peacefulness Hospice offers to all.”

– Lynn Heinitz
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“Volunteers founded hospice more than 30 years ago and continue to play a vital role in every area of our work. Eileen was one of those founding volunteers. As a strong advocate, Eileen was a member of the inaugural Board of Directors for Hospice of London. She took a lead role on the very first Gala fundraising event, understanding the importance of engaging the community in support of Hospice. For many years, she journeyed with many of Hospice’s palliative clients as a volunteer visitor, spending time with them every week to the end of their lives. It takes a special person to volunteer in this capacity and for many years Eileen helped many people in this vital role.”

– Eileen Parker and Barry Johnson
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