Accessing Hospice Care

The first step to accessing care at St. Joseph’s Hospice is to call Home and Community Care of the South West Local Health Integration Network (SW LHIN – formerly CCAC) at 1-800-881-5146.

Let them know you would like to be considered for hospice care in London, Ontario. A Care Coordinator will be assigned and can assist you in completing an application and determining your eligibility.

Anyone can make a referral on your behalf: a health-care provider, family member, or you can make a referral for yourself. A valid OHIP card is needed to do so.

If your health-care provider has already made the referral for you, you can expect a phone call once the referral has been processed.

Admission to St. Joseph’s Hospice is based on the determination of eligibility made by Home and Community Care and the ability of St. Joseph’s Hospice to accommodate and support the care needs of individual.

For those who are in the hospital, the Care Coordinator assigned to the hospital, along with the Palliative Care Referral Team, can work to explore options and eligibility for accessing a hospice bed. People can transfer to hospice from home, hospital or a retirement residence. Residents who live in a Long-Term Care setting will be cared for in their current surroundings at the end of life and are usually not transferred to hospice.

For more information regarding care at St. Joseph’s Hospice, or to arrange a tour, please contact:

Wendy Boyle
Director of Resident Services
Phone: 519-931-3465

Resident care workers