Support Groups

Currently offered online via Zoom at no cost, our support groups aim to offer solace and comfort for individuals with a terminal illness, caregivers, family members and the bereaved.

Winter 2021 FREE Online Programs

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2021 Winter Programming

Caregiver Conversations

St. Joseph’s Hospice offers a weekly, drop-in group for caregivers. Each week a different topic related to the Caregiver experience will be presented, with an opportunity to socialize with other caregivers. There is no commitment or registration required – come every week, or just occasionally.

Practising Self-Compassion

Practising Self-Compassion is a six-session support group exploring the importance of self-care and compassion for the body, mind, and heart to ease suffering and to nurture self-resilience. Topics encourage physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual self-care. Individuals learn the difference between the stress response and the relaxation response in the automatic nervous system. Awareness is focused on the identification of stress response systems and how to develop relaxation response experiences. Participants share these responses and experiences with the group, learn to develop hands-on practical techniques to assist with the relaxation response, and take time to journal about their experiences.

Mindfulness for the Bereaved

Mindfulness for the Bereaved is a six-session support group exploring the connection between mind, body, and breath. When someone is grieving they may find it difficult to concentrate as the mind struggles to make meaning of their life after the loss. Grounded awareness can help alleviate the sense of pending overwhelm and guided meditations can assist to calm the mind and increase clarity and focus. This group helps recently bereaved individuals acknowledge the truth of the moment they are in, even (or, especially) when that moment hurts.

Exploring Grief

Exploring Grief is a six-session support group that explores the connection between tasks of mourning and creative experiences to facilitate the expression of grief, loss, and transition. Participants will engage in group discussion and activities, as well as receive thoughtful journaling prompts to further explore their grief through the written word. Journaling or writing experience is not required in order to benefit from this program as the prompts stimulate imagination and creativity allowing individuals to explore meaning, clarity, and healing. The focus is on the process, not the outcome.

To learn more and register for a support group, please contact:

Amanda Laframboise
Supportive Care Administrative Assistant
Phone: 519-931-3474