Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

St. Joseph’s Hospice is a charitable organization that provides compassionate care and companionship to palliative and bereaved individuals and families; recognizing and embracing their unique needs. Addressing each person’s unique needs, programs and services are offered at no charge and are available irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity or economic status.

Our Vision

To create a community that honours people as they journey to life’s end and to provide a haven where the palliative, the caregiver and the bereaved experience compassion, hope, and healing.

Our Values


We respect the values and beliefs, choices, experiences and diversity of individuals and their families.

Client Centred Care

We provide continuity and consistency of care that is accessible and responsive to a client’s wishes, concerns and priorities. We also act as an advocate for the client’s needs.


We empower our staff and volunteers to be leaders in the provision of compassionate care, support, and companionship to our clients.


We provide volunteer training, and opportunities for the public and healthcare professionals to further promote and raise awareness about hospice care.


We help foster a sense of cooperation and support among staff, volunteers, community members, and partners.

Spiritual Care at Hospice

Spiritual companionship, prayer, and reflection, or connection to one’s religious community is facilitated by Spiritual Care Volunteers and Supportive Care Staff.

Specializing in grief and bereavement counselling, and spiritually integrated psychotherapy, our Supportive Care staff help people discover meaning in times of illness and loss; help people access inner sources of resilience; help connect people and families with faith leaders, and provide bereavement support after a loved one has died.