Supportive Care – McAlpine Family Story

Barb and John McAlpine learned of St. Joseph’s Hospice after an acquaintance passed in 2015. If you’re faced with the loss of a loved one, St. Joseph’s Hospice is where you want to be, shared Barb. McAlpine family outdoors

The McAlpine family

Losing a child at any age is something no parent expects to endure, but Barb and John know this pain too well. Their son Brent suffered a brain aneurysm at age 25. Affecting his speech, mobility, and cognitive functioning, Barb, and John have fought to receive the best health care possible for more than two years.

During their time in and out of the hospital, they received more devastating news. At 21 years of age, their second son, Daryn, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called clear cell soft tissue sarcoma. Daryn died in April 2017 after seven months of aggressive treatment

McAlpine family gathered around hospital bed
The McAlpine family with Daryn after his diagnosis

He fought right till the end and didn’t have the chance to live at Hospice, but the support we’ve received after his loss has been invaluable. We contacted St. Joseph’s Hospice in July 2017 and began counselling sessions in August. We’ve participated in the support group, Grieving the Loss of Adult Children, and we’re very thankful for the services offered at no cost to anyone experiencing this unimaginable loss. John, Brent & Daryn’s Father