Remembering Peggy Jesson

Peggy’s daughter, Robin, graciously shared her mother’s Hospice story with us. “Despite mom’s initial hesitation, Hospice was the right place for her to spend her final days. Her pain was beyond something my brothers and I could manage at home by ourselves, and mom accepted that this was be st for everyone.”

Peggy’s biggest concern about going to Hospice was leaving behind her beloved Goldendoodle, Chloe. “Chloe lived with my mom her whole life–all ten years–and she didn’t want to be separated from her best friend.”

Robin brought Chloe to visit Peggy every day at Hospice. “Chloe came to know the place, and all the staff knew Chloe. She’d get excited when we arrived because she knew she was going to see mom.”

Peggy was diagnosed with two forms of cancer and lived in her home under the watchful care of her daughter, Robin, for the last five years of her illness before coming to Hospice. Peggy passed away at the age of 89. Robin said, “we’d heard excellent things about Hospice, and as soon as we arrived, we knew we’d made the right choice.”

Robin recalled one of Peggy’s many memorable experiences at Hospice. “One morning, one of the gentlemen volunteers on the floor helped her put on some makeup.”

He held up a mirror for her
and helped her put on some makeup.
She always wanted to look her best.
She was a lovely lady and
always very
young at heart.

“Our mother had an amazing spirit, even throughout her illness. Everyone loved her, and she was a fighter right until the end. At mom’s funeral, a gentleman took my brothers and me aside. He told us that when his daughter was born, she spent time in the Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where Peggy worked 20 years ago. He saw the obituary in the newspaper and wanted to pay his respects. She had such an impact on his life that even decades later, he remembered her name. That’s the kind of woman she was!”

Robin and her brothers still find ways to honour their mother’s memory. They celebrated what would have been her 90th birthday party with a family dinner and a trip to the casino. They have beautiful memories of their mother and a life well-lived. Robin extended her sincere gratitude to Hospice, especially her mother’s caregivers, who ensured mom’s grace-filled life continued right to the end.

Why We Hike for Hospice

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