Remembering Darlene Broderick

Mom went downhill really fast.
It was very hard watching her decline every day.
When we arrived at Hospice, I was so relieved.
I knew she was in good care.
I got to be her daughter again.

The night before she died, Darlene Broderick listened to her granddaughter play piano one last time in the comfort of her suite at St. Joseph’s Hospice. Megan, 17, had just completed her Royal Conservatory of Music exam, and everyone at Hospice was eager to find out how it went. “I come from a tiny family, so everyone at Hospice became like a second family to us,” said Jenn, Megan’s mother and Darlene’s only child. “It was amazing how quickly news spread and how everyone cared so much.” As Megan played for her grandmother that night, Darlene closed her eyes and relaxed as she listened to the songs, including a favourite: “You are my Sunshine.” Darlene passed away peacefully the next morning.

Darlene Broderick

Darlene Broderick

Darlene spent about one month at Hospice. She was diagnosed in October 2018 with a rare and untreatable form of bile duct cancer and given 6 to 12 months to live. In the time leading up to her transition to Hospice, she was living in her home under Jenn’s loving care.

The Hospice experience was transformative for Darlene, as well. “The day we brought mom to Hospice, I didn’t think she was going to make the night. She ended up living another month,” Jenn said. “She went from not eating to sitting up and looking forward to eating whatever she wanted— and sometimes that meant ice cream for breakfast. Seeing her like that, living her best life, was amazing. We actually missed Hospice after she passed away. It was such a comfort.”

A self-made woman, Darlene owned and operated an antique doll and gift store in London’s Old South. “She raised me by herself,” Jenn said. “She was a very giving person. She made dolls for the children in hospital— that’s the kind of person she was.”

Darlene is missed deeply by her family. Yet her spirit lives on in the warmth and generosity evident in her daughter and granddaughters, Brooklyn and Megan, who find strength in the legacy she leaves behind.

Darlene Broderick

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