Giving in Memory – Peter McConville Story

Local business leader and President of May-McConville-Omni Insurance Brokers, Peter McConville, passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospice in June 2017. His brother, Shawn, shares the family’s experience within the hospice residence and why they chose to give to St. Joseph’s Hospice in memory of Peter:

When Peter’s health deteriorated to a point that we needed to transition from managing his disease to end-of-life care, we wanted to make the most of the final stages of his amazing life. The reputation of St. Joseph’s Hospice, supported by their wonderful professional staff, gave us all the confidence in the care that Peter needed and we knew the family would also be very well supported.

Surrounded by specialists each and every day, the professional staff and volunteers at St. Joseph’s Hospice made sure Peter was comfortable and looked after all his special needs; giving us precious time to enjoy with him – making every moment count. It was reassuring to know that Hospice was there with all their resources to ensure Peter was in the best of care – allowing us quality time to visit and provide our love and support.

Peter and family on a boat
Peter and his family

St. Joseph’s Hospice was there for Peter and the entire family largely due to generous community support, therefore the decision to receive donations in memory of him was quite simple and rewarding – as never has any organization so seamlessly played such an important role in our lives at a time in need. It was Peter’s wife who really drove the process. For Madonna it was all about giving back so Hospice care will always be available for other families at such a critical time. What made the choice particularly rewarding is that these sentiments resonated within our own personal network; we are proud, overwhelmed and thankful for the generosity shown in memory of Pete.

Being at Hospice was the greatest gift for Peter and our family. Everyone wrapped their arms around us and provided the most compassionate care. It is truly the most wonderful place. The boys and I are so grateful that we were able to spend that critical time together in such a loving and caring environment.

Madonna McConville , Peter’s Wife

Peter and Madonna McConville
Peter and Madonna McConville