During This Holiday Season — Help Local Families Experiencing Loss

“We built a beautiful life together – the life we had always dreamed of – with two beautiful children. There was so much more life to live!”  — JESSIE (Brad’s Wife)

At 37 years of age, Brad Smith received the devastating news that he had stage three colon cancer. The news came out of the blue and stung the family to the point of heartache. With his loving wife, Jessie, and two small children by his side, they began what they thought was the journey to recovery. Chemotherapy was the first step along the way, but sadly only a few months later they were told the cancer had spread.

Brad and Jessie were faced with the rapid progression of Brad’s illness. Very quickly they needed to decide where he would live out his final days. After being presented with various options, the home-like environment described at St. Joseph’s Hospice was what they wanted for Brad and for the family.

On the day Brad moved to St. Joseph’s Hospice from the hospital, he and Jessie decided to do something that they used to take for granted; they hopped in the car, just the two of them, and took their last car ride together to Hospice. For the next 13 days Brad called St. Joseph’s Hospice home.

At St. Joseph’s Hospice we are committed to ensuring that everyone who comes through our doors is provided individual care. We also wrap that professional, compassionate care around the family. Whatever we can do to make their last moments as wonderful as possible, including letting our patients know that we will continue to care for their loved ones is our goal.

“I wake up every morning and go to bed every night with visions of Brad in my mind and heart. I’m sure the underlying grief will always be with me. With Hospice’s help, I’m slowly learning to live with it.” — TERRY (Brad’s mom)

Demand for all of the programs and services Hospice provides has been increasing at an exponential rate; both in our hospice home and our support of the palliative and
bereaved individuals in the community. Most especially, our counselling and spiritual care support is in high demand. Our patients and their families seek a place where their feelings are understood and where they feel no judgement when they share their stories. Our group therapy sessions are powerful tools to reduce isolation,
and support the path towards healing the grief of losing a loved one.

As you gather with your loved ones over the holiday season please think of those that we support and include St. Joseph’s Hospice on your charitable giving list. During This Holiday Season — Help Local Families Experiencing Loss.