GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. Makes an Impact on Hospice Palliative Care Across the Region

When GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. was looking for a way to make an impact in Ontario, they decided they would make a substantial gift to all Hospices in areas they had offices.

GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. has a long history of consulting on municipal infrastructure projects in Southwestern, Ontario. As such, they have been able to work alongside projects that either directly or indirectly support those that are palliative and requiring end-of-life support. Seeing the potential impact of Hospice care has made a significant impact on the leadership within GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. and, as such, came to the top of the list when they were looking to make a substantial impact.

Brad Bunke, the Branch Manager for the London Office, says that it was essential when the directors convened that they were supporting services within communities that they serve. Once the voting began, Hospices were the clear winner. Brad and the Southwestern Ontario team were so thrilled to be able to make this give to St. Joseph’s Hospice and learn more about what we do to support the London community through counselling, community support and hospice residence care.

GM BluePlan

About GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd.

GM BluePlan is a dynamic consulting firm focused on providing engineering services across the full life cycle of municipal infrastructure.  They have been providing service for over 50 years and have a proven track record of traditional engineering combined with infrastructure planning and asset management services.  With seven offices spread out over Southwestern Ontario, they can work closely with clients from project inceptions to construction and operations.

Thank you GM BuePlan Engineering Ltd. for your investment. You are making a difference.