Heart of Hospice Stories

Residential Care – Rick’s Story

Everyone matters at St. Joseph’s Hospice. Our patients, their caregivers and families are at the heart of everything we do. Read more about Rick and Irene as they celebrate their wedding anniversary at St. Joseph’s Hospice.

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Rick and Irene

Volunteers – Eileen Parker and Barry Johnson

Meet Eileen Parker and Barry Johnson. Dedicated community members who have helped build and grow St. Joseph’s Hospice. From volunteering to raising awareness, and donating – they have made a significant impact on our organization for more than 30 years.

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Residential Care – Ed’s Story

As part of Handbags for Hospice 2018, Sue Willsey shared her husband’s experience at St. Joseph’s Hospice. Since then, Ed’s granddaughter, Aaliyah Gallant-Barons, began a yearly Lemonade Stand to help raise funds for ALS and St. Joseph’s Hospice. To thank the family for their continuous support, we organized a special evening with Ed’s beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Residential Care – John’s Story

A heartfelt appeal to fund one-suite for one year was made by John Fyfe-Millar at the Four Elements for Hospice Grand Finale as he shared his families experience. His words moved the crowd to help raise $43,415 in less than 5 minutes with a surprise gift of $10,000 from McCormick Canada.

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Residential Care – Brad’s Story

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Brad Scrinko was the older of two sons, a kind and compassionate boy who flourished in music and the arts. After returning to college to study business, marketing, and photography, Brad met his partner, Larry, and they ultimately decided to make London their new home.

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Brad and family

Community Care – Judy’s Story

At the age of 56, Judy Caetano was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) was introduced to St. Joseph’s Hospice. Judy and her mother, Olinda, expressed the wish to have a Hospice Volunteer Visitor to provide regular companionship. Our staff went to work on finding a compatible volunteer and matched Jen, a retired epidemiologist and researcher.

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Jen, Judy and family

Supportive Care – McAlpine Family Story

Barb and John McAlpine learned of St. Joseph’s Hospice after an acquaintance passed in 2015. Losing a child at any age is something no parent expects to endure, but Barb and John know this pain too well. Their son Brent suffered a brain aneurysm at age 25.

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McAlpline family outdoors

Legacy Giving – Len and Ella Lesser Story

Len and his wife, Ella, came to St. Joseph’s Hospice for a tour. The usual sterile antiseptic hospital odors have been replaced by the aroma of coffee, freshly baked muffins and chocolate chip cookies in the morning.

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Len and Ella at the Handbags for Hospice event

Giving in Memory – Peter McConville Story

Local business leader and President of May-McConville-Omni Insurance Brokers, Peter McConville, passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospice in June 2017. His brother, Shawn, shares the family’s experience within residential care and why they chose to give to St. Joseph’s Hospice in memory of Peter.

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Peter and family playing hockey

Corporate Giving – Lerners LLP

I learned from my experiences that because our health care system understandably is focused on prevention and cure, hospice palliative care doesn’t always get the attention and the resources it deserves, and needs. That’s what drew me to support the amazing work of St. Joseph’s Hospice.

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Yola Ventresca, chair of Handbags for Hospice

Corporate Giving – McCormick Canada

McCormick Canada has a long standing history of supporting St. Joseph’s Hospice. Stepping up as a local leader, they were one of the first businesses to donate toward the Capital Campaign and you’ll see their generosity displayed within our Hospice kitchen.

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